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Well, last weekend I went to the 4th annual Tempe Guitar Show in, you guessed it, Tempe, Arizona. It was a small show held in the Antique Electronic Supply Company parking lot. (wish I’d known about this company when I was searching for cloth-covered wire for my rebuilt Blues Jr. — instead I ended up ordering a few feet online from a motorcycle shop …)

There was an interesting collection of local, regional and national vendors. I was surprised how many companies were from out-of-town — a Bigsby rep from Minnesota,  Republic Guitars from Texas, Flagg Audio from San Francisco and more. Gretsch Guitars sponsored the Twang-O-Rama Concert Stage that featured Stray Cat’s bassist Lee Rocker. Bigsby was offering free installation of their guitar vibratos on-the-spot. There was a pleasant cacophony of guitar, amp and microphone demos.


             Blue Microphones showed a nice variety – studio, USB and an iPhone stereo mics. Flagg Audio showed a lo-fi telephone mic            

As expected, there were lots of guitars on display … some I’d never seen before like the red Fiberglass National MAP guitar below…

metal & fiberglass

Copper and stainless steel hollow body guitars and fiddle. Fiberglass National from 1962, tweed covered tele with leather pickguard

There were luthiers and a luthier school, recording studios plus a bunch of amp builders.

the guitar tree

The Guitar Tree brought a boat-load of vintage acoustics including a  (Do not Touch!) 100-year-old – Empire – Brazilian rosewood parlor guitar made by The Ditson Company

Republic _redo

The Republic rep couldn’t resist rockin’ a resonator with a blues song

steel seet in a case

            Steel Seat showed a groovy bench in a case … the ‘transformer chair’ with a power strip              

Gretsch displayGretsch! In all the springtime colors. Thank you Gretsch for sponsoring the stage!

and finally, Stray Cat Lee Rocker was there signing autographs … darn, I missed his show!

Lee Rocker

A “pin-up girl” waiting for an autograph

It was an enjoyable show with a good variety of products to browse … well worth the cost of admission … FREE! A nice excuse to get out and bask in the southwestern spring weather.  I’m already looking forward to next year’s show …  I’d love to see this event continue to grow.

While I’m waiting, I’ll go practice … I wonder if I can get some twang on my Eastman archtop…