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I bought a ukulele.

How did that happen? Since I’ve been away for a while, I’ll rewind a bit and start from the beginning …

One day the phone rang. It was a long time client calling me to schedule a job. He said the job was in Honolulu, Hawaii. Would I mind traveling? Would I mind?

When I travel, it’s my habit to seek out guitar shops along the way. Of course, when traveling to Hawaii, that translates to ‘look for ukuleles’ along the way. Aloha!

Practically on the sand of Waikiki Beach, I stumbled on Ukulele PUAPUA, a fine shop.

Ukelele Lesson sign

Did I mention that the sign out front says Free Ukulele Lessons every day?!




There was only one thing to do. This is what I found when I dropped in …

Ukelele PuaPua ext PLAY

I admit, I did not know that there are solid body electric ukes, or electric bass ukes, or resonator ukuleles …

Eleuke & Ami Ami solid body electric UkesAmi Ami Resonator & Kala electric bassU

or travel ukes, 8-string ukes, or that ukes had cutaways …

Kala, 8-string UkeUkes- cutaway, Matin & Kala

Risa Electric Travel Uke

until I wandered through this place.

Of course Fender and Martin are represented, along with many new-to-me brands.

They have a nice selection of vintage Hawaiian and rare historic instruments as well. Definitely worth a little vacation time to check them out.

Since I was there, Ukulele PUAPUA has relocated to the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel. This isn’t the only ukulele shop in Honolulu, but it has to be one of the best.


The uke I chose is a Kala, solid Acacia – kinda fun. Yes, guitars are my first and true love. But sometimes, well sometimes the ukulele is just the thing. Aloha!